• External aero-dynamics simulation with OpenFOAM in the design process at VW, Audi und Seat. sae-paper 2009
  • Aero acoustic simulation with OpenFOAM in the car development process(Volkswagen/FFT). berlin_2008
  • Topology optimization with OpenFOAM (move/Volkswagen/Queens Univesity) barcelona_2009
  • Topology optimization (improvments) (move/Audi) munich_2010
  • Aerodynamik training, 7th OpenFOAM Workshop, Darmstadt, June 2012 (move) Darmstadt_2012
  • GPGPU accelerated CFD, 5th GACM Colloq. on Comp. Mech., Hamburg, October 2013 (move/TUBS) GACM 2013
  • GPGPU acceleration in OpenFOAM, NOFUN, Braunschweig, October 2013 (move/TUBS) NOFUN 2013
  • OpenFOAM on GPUs, NOFUN, Braunschweig, September 2015 (move/TUBS) NOFUN 2015
  • Adjoint thermo optimization, NOFUN, Braunschweig, September 2016 (move/TUBS) NOFUN 2016

cooperation partners

further cooperation partners:

  • Numerische Methoden - Universität Kassel Prof. Dr. Andreas Meister
  • Aeroakustik & Gasdynamik - Universität Stuttgart Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Munz
  • CAD-Methoden - Queen's University Belfast Prof. Dr. Cecil G. Armstrong
  • GPGPU computing - Hamburg Institute of Technology Dr.-Ing. Christian Janßen
  • Thermal simulation/OpenFOAM - University of Rostock Dr.-Ing. Johann Turnow
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