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move is a young and fresh company with long lasting experience in scientific computing, method development and there application to industrial cases.

You are asking yourself how this could be possible?

We have a strong scientific background from university
- numerical mathematics, theoretical physics, oceanographics and meteorology -
as well as many years of experience in method development and simulation in industry.


we move your business forward!


    OpenFOAM Introduction

    Next introduction course

    FOAM academy

    GOFUN 2018

    2nd German OpenFoam User meetiNg

    NOFUN 2016

    4th Northern germany OpenFoam User meeting
    NOFUN & accompanying training courses

    Talks online (NOFUN 2015)

    The talks presented at the NOFUN 2015 are online

    move goes GPGPU

    We start to sumulate with our inhouse General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU)-solvers (LBM/FV)

    NOFUN 2013

    The Northern germany OpenFOAM User meetiNg was a full success with more than 40 Teilnehmern from seven countries