our services

we offer services to the whole range of industiral and academic partners

The list of our customers ranges from academic and public research institutes, over small and mid-size companies to international enterprises.
- we are indebted to every demand. Open source software solutions offers a high degree of transparency in terms of benefits, efficency and costs. Sparing licence fees gives you flexibility and space for tailor-made solutions, professional development and support for each single application. This approach results in cost efficient development to satisfy the needs of your customers and your caompany.

method development

We offer the whole range computational methods for the daily use in industry. Ask us for innovative tailored solutions for your problem in CFD, FEM, Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) or optimization. We are higly specialised in OpenFOAM solution which can be coupled with each of the above mentioned fields.


We optimize your component with innivative inhouse tools like adjoint solvers and topology optimization. We get the best from your design space.

serial development

We support your serial development with fast and accurate simualtio of your components and variants.


We support you in using open source software particulary with regards to OpenFOAM. Tailor-made Solutions for your compony from full on-site maintenance services to frequently online support via email and telephone.


We offer a whole range of quality trainings on beginer, advanced and expert levels:

- OpenFOAM

- Paraview

- Dakota

- Python for Scientists & enginers

- Scientific Computing

- Numerical linear algebra

- GPU-programming

- Code Aster

regular in Braunschweig and Berlin or in particular on-site at your company. please contact us for special arrangements and requests.

we move your business forward!